all of my good viewers know that was hoho! i am clearly going to be a lumpy foot for halloween!
i got a puppy!
go to my new page, pictures of puppy, for the deets!




Omg i heart holaweiein! i shall be a ROLANDA!

I have a rash.
oh my gazellez! I just discoverededed a new book about llamas! it is called llama llama time to share! it is the bestest book ever!
what the weirdness! my friend and i is r so weirdnessithz! she slept over, and we dressed up toothbrushes!
I have this friend, and she's really weird. For Halloween, she wants to have a blood-themed costume! But then when I went to the Halloween store, I realized they actually have that sort of thing. I'm thinking I'll wear a lumpy foot costume.
Omgzithz! This is SO weirdzithz! My mom broke up with the water store guy and now she's dating a creepy old guy from the Halloween Store! Well, at least I get free costumes. I got a mustachio!