I feel I am awesome just for writing that. Today, at the mall, we lost HoHo for a few hours. We found her after hearing some announcer report that a cupcake stand had been robbed.
i m so tired. hoho was screaming all night. i think i m going deaf.
I like to make up strange words with no meaning. Here are some of my creations:

Why won't you peoplezithz just comment on my blog? It's really not that hard, you know!
Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. HoHo peed on the computer and we just got it fixed.




My stomach is starting to feel weird, probably because all my sisters and I are allowed to eat right now is blue raspberry Jello.




HoHo and I were supposed to be taking a bath, but when the tub was full, HoHo poured in a whole box of blue raspberry Jello mix into it! Mom was mad, but HoHo and I had the best bath ever!
HoHo screamed and clapped every time something exploded! It was awesome! But don't ask Gergina. Yeah, she was texting the whole time.
I was on vacation in Makialaiyiaykyia, and there's no internet service there, and I'm not doing 200,000 blogs! So I'll just summarize the trip:
Well, HoHo kept swimming from the deep end of the pool to the shallow end, and she got covered in scrapes, ... which she then wrapped in duct tape. It took a lot of screaming and pulling to get it all off, but it was pretty funny. Gergina freaked out cuz her phone was dead and she forgot the charger, so she decided to hang out at the pool and drool at male lifeguards. I had the most fun! I went swimming, watched TV, ate lots of foreign candies and fudge, and I made a new friend named Macki Jones. My mom just slept. It was such an awesome trip! Especially when HoHo threw all of her clothes out the window and had to wear our mom's! Ha! Some guy left popcorn all over our hotel room. When the maids came, they threw our stuff all over our beds and then left a note saying, "Sorry, beds unmade due to personal items left on beds." All they did was throw stuff all over our beds and then play on Gergina's Kindle. She could tell because they left Plants Vs. Zombies open, and Gergina hadn't played that in quite a while. I decided to go play with Macki. We filled balloons (Size XXXL!) with grape juice, climbed to the roof of the hotel and threw them at meanies! But then, we accidentally threw one at the manager, who looked up and said words I can't repeat! By then, we were already back in the hotel laughing and faking innocence, relieved that we hadn't been seen. I will make a page with all of my pictures of the trip! I hope we go again next summer! :)