Venus was wearing world's most expensive dress at school today, and Youziui spilled his WHOLE chocolate milk on her! It was awesome! She was having a tantrum at the retakes! So So funny!
School pics today! OMG! with my hair, I hate getting my picture taken. But I'm happy cuz Venus was making mean faces and sticking her tongue out at me instead of smiling! And Aphroditia was laughing at Venus's picture and looked all psycho in hers! Best day evaaaaaa! :P
Comment if you think Gergina deserves the prize for overusing the word like! Teehee!
i m like gergina and i am like sylkia's like sister and she like told me to do a blog post on her like website so like here goes.
omg! my ex is like hitting on my bezzie and it is like so annoying! and all of these like girls in like my class are like drooling like all over him! and i'm like back off prince charming! and then he like follows me home so i m like lock all the like doors and hide behind like the like couch. then my sisses and me stop like hiding and like chase him like with sticks, and it is like so fun! g2g like stuff on like facebook!
Have you noticed that I never talk about Gergina in my blog? To save you some blog reading, she's my older sister. I'll let her do the next blog.
Oh my gazelles! HoHo blamed me for the disappearance of her candy (she ate it all last weekend, but won't admit to it), and I got mad and shoved her into the potty. Then, she stole all of my candy.
I couldn't find any undies today, and neither sister would let my borrow some. When I asked HoHo if I could borrow some, she laughed like a creepo and ran away screaming, "You can't catch me, I'm the ginge- wait, no... I'm HOHO! HaHaHaHaHA!" I had to borrow my mom's.