Hey. I'm like, so totally Sylkia's like, sister or whatever. Like, OMG, I want a like, car. I wish that like, thirteen was like, old enough to like, drive. So, today I was like, on my phone, and I like, texted my like, hot boyfriend. LOL, he like, just texted me something, and like, it was funny. He wrote, "Hey babe. You're pretty. Let's get married and live in a box. That way, we will save money so we can afford cool phones. We'll make TONS of kids, who we will put up for adoption just cuz. If money's an issue, we'll just eat crumbs out of trash cans behind McDonald's." LOL! He's like, SO, like, smart or whatever!
I love this tumblr, Victorious Memes. It's so funny! Eww! Hoho shoved a dead squirrel named Scott Bob under my pillow! She found him at the police station (don't ask why we were there) and kept him as a pet. Oh, and he was already dead when she found him. I think I'll have Gergina post something later.
Creeper Tori
My friend is making me babysit her plastic egg. My other friend is WAY crazier than usual. And I keep running into things! I love this new preschool show Sofia the First! It's CUTE! OMG! My favorite episode is probably "The Shy Princess." I also love "Just One of the Princes" and "Cedric's Apprentice." Oh, and one of my other friends is fangirling over Prince James!I have braces and they keep bugging me. I can't even chew ice cream! And not that I've tried, but I bet I can't chew soup either!!!!!!!! Urgh! People write really weird things on the walls at my school. Somebody wrote, "This wall smells...GOOD." Ah, just a typical day!