omg! why do people say texting words out loud? they're all like, "omg! I just got a new text! like, lol!"
i like this song satisfaction, although i really don't understand it. i am adding it to my videoziths page.
the title is just to throw you off. i don't know who mika is. special advice: don't let hoho borrow your socks. pleez remember. don't make the same mistake i did. g2g buy new socks.
coffee smells so good but tastes so bad.




waz is a weird word that appears to have come from nowhere.
Texting emoticons: :(   :)   :{(   :{)   >:(   >:)   :p   ;(    ;)
Here are some texting words: ttyl, ttyn, omg, g2g, brb, bbq, lol, btw, and lmfao.
I read this really cool series, and this baby named Sunny said cute things like 'yeeka!'
Everybody keeps telling me that it doesn't make sense if I say "I is r itchy," but that's kinda the point. Making sense is like, SO totally out!