I really like to say tot! I say it a tot! Tot boot!
Have you watched any Jenna Marbles videos? You should! She's awesome! Here's an example:
OMG! My science teacher wants me to write a lab report on eggs! Not kidding! I hate when my teachers think they can just ASSIGN things and expect us to actually DO them! Whatever. I already told you people about my horrible social life. So, let's talk about...FANFIC! I have like, No STORIES. But I read a really funny story! Have you ever seen The Big Comfy Couch? You know, that preschool show with the clown and her doll?


I read a fanfic about it called "Big Comfy Couch, gone wrong"! If you are at an age where your parents don't let you read stories with violence, swears, or suggestive themes, do NOT read this story! Here's a link: